Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why wait to inspire potential buyers?

So, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. For one, we are moving. We have toyed around with this for some time, but about a month ago...(approximately the time of my last post!)...we decided that we wanted to take advantage of any surge in the real estate market and get our house buyer ready.

I feel like I have been living in a whirlwind. My life has been consumed with cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing, and a daily sprint to get the house ready for an unexpected Realtor call. Despite my exhaustion and anxiety over having a house on the market in the middle of a recession, my house has never looked better. Every closet welcomes a peek, every shelf is a show piece and the clutter I was constantly shifting around from surface to surface or hiding behind closed doors and cabinets has found a new home at our local charity donation center.

I am now asking myself...why didn't I do this sooner? Why did it take preparing my house for someone else for me to make my home a completely functional, orderly and manageable space? Didn't I deserve this sooner?

I realize that it is not realistic to live in this show-ready home forever...I do have 4 kids, but, I have been reminded again, of how much I love a clean and organized home. There is something very freeing about hearing a knock at the door and literally being able to welcome anyone in to look at any room, anytime.

My challenge to you today is to look around your home. If you decided to put your house on the market this month, what items would stay? What items would go? What repairs would finally get fixed? Would your closet finally be worth a picture? Would your bedroom be transformed into the retreat which would entice a new potential buyer?

DON'T WAIT! Your house isn't waiting to inspire a potential is waiting to inspire you! Let's make your house show ready...for you!


  1. alecia you are so right on! i have been telling myself as i have been going through our home room by room trying to declutter, orgainze and decorate to pretend that i am fixing up my house as if it is up for sale. i even researched staging houses and made myself a list of what i need to do because i figure whether we are going to be selling our house or not might as well enjoy it now.

  2. I totally agree! By the way, your house does look amazing!

  3. You're moving. Where?